Evils of corruption for essay

Corruption simply means bribery in general understanding but it's more than that. Corruptions of any kind are nuisances to the society.

Evils of corruption for essay

Evils of corruption for essay

Corruption is the mother of all evils. Corruption destroys the society and the structure of government. Corruption - a spread disease among higher authorities. Corruption has become the order of the day.

Corruption in the past and present. Suggestions for the eradication of corruption. Corruption must be rooted out, The word corruption means to change from good to bad in morals, manners and action.

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Corruption stands for mutilation of integrity virtue and moral principles. Since corruption is connected with bribery that literally stands for money as favors bestowed on or promised to a person in a position of trust in order to prevent a judgment or corrupt his conduct.

It is thus clear that corruption and bribery go hand in hand and cover a big sphere of social activity, which can be disrupted to an extent that makes people's lives miserable and retards the growth of a country. The lack of accountability promotes corruption rampantly.

Since we do not have any organized institution, which can be reliable, corrupt ones feel secure without check and malpractice at large. The biggest drawbacks in our national development have been political instability.

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The so-called leaders and opportunists joined hands with the civil-military bureaucracy to retain powers and loot the country of its resources with both hands. Our immoral and un-Islamic social customs play an important role in boosting corruption.

In order to fulfill unreasonable needs of customs of families, officials go out of the way to earn money. Instead of practicing austerity in there, lives, they are bound to lead luxurious life, which demands high cost. That can only be met by illegal means. Following are the main channels, which give rise to opportunities for corruption and if these are plugged, the chances of corruption will be minimized.

First is the leakage in the assessment and collection of tax revenues Owing to unscrupulous tax collectors, even honest taxpayers have succumbed to tax evasion and extortion.

This ill-gotten wealth by both taxpayers and tax collectors creates serious social fragmentation. Second, the government contracts and purchases of goods and services by different departments and ministries have brought affluence to those who allow or authorize these contracts and purchases. The, recent history of commissions, kickbacks and foreign deposits is too well-known that it does not need any repetition but simply illustrates the gravity of the problem.

The inflated public expenditures are one of the main contributory factors in the financial distress and heavy indebtedness faced by the country.

The managers and employees are making hay while the sun shines but country is facing financial disaster by absorbing the-losses of these enterprises.

Evils of corruption for essay

The public utilities bills are out of reach of a common hardworking honest family. The competitiveness of Pakistan's manufacturing industries in the world market is at serious stake because of higher tariffs charged for electricity and other utilities. Fourth, the nationalized commercial banks and financial institutions have made a few thousand families fabulously rich but made the rest of the population pay the price for their wrongdoing.

The cost of capital has become exorbitantly high and the access to credit has been so severely curtailed that legitimate business and enterprises are unable to carry out their productive activities.

Fifth, the recruitment, postings and transfers in all government ministries, departments and corporations are largely made either in exchange of outright financial favors or on pure political considerations. The result is that the government offices are saddled with incompetent Jilt and dishonest functionaries who are always trying to please their bosses on political matters while being completely oblivious to the grievances of the common man whom they are supposed to serve.

The culture of sycophancy and catering to the whims of those in power has taken firm roots. While the upper echelons of the bureaucracy remains busy in meeting the demands of those in power, the clerks and the lower functionaries harass, extort and misbehave with the poor people who come to their offices for legitimate need.

The police officials are perceived as a menace by the ordinary citizens rather than as a protector of their life and property. Sixth, another avenue for making a fast buck and becoming rich overnight, by laying your hands on a license or permit of any kind, i.

The prices of both the commercial and residential Property have, therefore, soared to levels beyond the affordability of middle class family.

The textile export quota has also been misused in the post to enrich a few. Corruption has eaten up the inner of people belonging to all walks of life. The poorest is least corrupt only because there is nothing handy to steal from the laborer executive engineer in a government department who puts half the project funds in his Pocket.

The problem therefore, is somewhat larger than it appears. Corruption has become part of our system.We are all aware of the term ‘corruption; and do a lot of discussion on how to control it.

Here are 5 ways by which you can reduce corruption and also, 5 places where it exists. YKA Special! Open Document. Below is an essay on "‘Money Is at the Root of All Evil’. Discuss How the Corruption of an Individual Is Explored in Two Texts You Have Studied This Semester.".

Considered the root cause of all evils, corruption has played a major role in many issues, including the Arab Spring, South Sudan violence, Philippines’ deforestation, . Corruption is so much in the limelight that it needs no introduction. This can happen in the form of the little money some of us bribe the corrupt to evade paying a hefty fine or imprisonment,to the extent of mega-scale scams.

Corruption in Pakistan Essay in English With Outline as Pakistan is now days, going through lot of crisis and instability.

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Corruption plays a role of termite in the country. It slowly and gradually consumes all the strengths and power of the country, left it with hollowness.

In Pakistan corruption is more like a . Oct 29,  · Essay writing on corruption in english. Sports topic essay on social evils. Essays about communication skills nowadays good words for essay writing books? Innovation and invention essay chemistry in our life essay networking tv influence essay greatest what is rhetorical essay model essay writing topics for ielts education.

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