Hangover movie review

How did it compare to the previous two Hangover movies? See what they each had to say after the jump!

Hangover movie review

What happens in Vegas is funnier than expected

Thankfully, the Malayalam 'Hangover' has nothing in common with the American film. Except that the drinks are definitely there.

But then, you cannot call it inspiration, and even if you did, the American guys would be offended. And what could they be upto in a film that has been titled 'Hangover' is everyone's guess that turns out to be true. Apparently, the rich fellow has just had a break up, and a vacation is what the doctor prescribed.

Do not look with a 'Nee Ko Nja Cha' expression on your face, since I am certainly not alluding any similarities between the two films here.

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Just telling what 'Hangover' has in store, is the only idea that I have in mind. Not that I have much to tell, since the story is well, what a story should never be.

After a series of non-happenings, a dhamakedaar twist awaits you just around the climax, and you need to brace yourself for it, lest it hits you right on your face.

Hangover movie review

So someone tells me I should be on the lookout for some comedy in a film as this, and I desperately try to do just that. Where are the jokes? Come on, someone point out the jokes to me. Oh yeah, they are there in abundance, but if it's up to your sensisibilties is something that has to be seen.

I should agree that the film 'Hangover' does live up to its tagline, 'It Never Ends'. It does seem impossibly stretched out into eons, though the running time of the film is about one and a half hours. Not surprising either, given the non-events that makeup the entirety of the film. Songs in a film as this crawl steadily up one's nerves, and the ones in 'Hangover' are no exception.

They are quite a pain to sit through, and with no logical reason for their being around, they bust your patience levels in no time. These young actors do their jobs quite well, and I should say I do not have any reason to complain, when it comes to the live performances of all the four lead actors.

As for the actresses, all I would say is that they are definitely there. It feels more like the nausea and the splitting headache that follows a drink gone all wrong.


Stay off this drink.A review by Phil Villarreal. Phil is an author, blogger and Twitterer.. RATING: 1 star (out of 4) Say what you will about the horrible, stupid, unfunny, dull, pathetic – and, did I mention horrible?The Hangover Part III.

Jun 02,  · Watch video · Three buddies wake up from a bachelor party in Las Vegas, with no memory of the previous night and the bachelor missing.

They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding/10(K). Read the Empire review of The Hangover Part III.

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Find out everything you need to know about the film from the world's biggest movie destination. May 26,  · Oh, what a headache-inducing, unapologetic money grab we have in "The Hangover Part II." By the time Bradley Cooper's Phil says, "You know the drill," and the guys start emptying their pockets in search of clues to the latest debacle, you'll be more inclined to groan than giggle.

When The Hangover first knocked us out four years ago, it was a complete revelation.

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Here we are with this fresh, uniquely-structured comedy full of gonzo characters, a wacky premise, and enough quotable lines to make it an instant classic. The Hangover (review) Thu Jun 04 , am which is always infuriating to see in a movie like The Hangover, which does hint at possibilities far more dangerous than it ever dares go near.

Just as the Julia Roberts fairy tale Pretty Woman morphed from something, in its script stage, dark and harrowing to, on the screen, something sweet.

The Hangover Part III Movie Review Not Terrible but also not Great