Mumbai suburban railway

Services[ edit ] Mumbai Suburban Railway services have various such designations in wide use by Mumbaikars as well as official use: A semi ladies special is a train with a few e.

Mumbai suburban railway

Edit The Mumbai Suburban Railwayas well as the Indian Railwaysare an offshoot of the first railway to be built by the British in Indiaand is also the oldest railway system in Asia.

The coach train took 57 minutes to complete the 32km journey, with a halt at Sion for taking in water. Sinceit has faced rapid expansion. At present, the fast corridors on Central Railway as well as Western Railway are shared for long distance and freight trains. Western Line Main article: Western Line Two corridors one local and the other through on Western Railway run northwards from Churchgate parallel to the west coast up to Dahanu Road km.

EMUs are 9 car, 12 car or 15 car formations and are differentiated as slow and fast locals. Slow trains halt at all stations, while fast ones halt at important stations only and are preferable over longer distances.

Central Line Main article: Central Line The Central Line in Mumbai consists of 3 major corridors, which bifurcate as they run into suburban satellite towns. Two corridors one local and other through on Central Railway run from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus CST to Kalyan 54 kmfrom where it bifurcates into two lines — one running up to Kasara 67 km in the north-east and the other running up to Khopoli 61 km in the south-east.

These two corridors constitute the 'Main' Line. The Central main line shares two stations with the Western line at Parel and Dadar.

Mumbai suburban railway

The major car sheds on this line are at Kurla and Kalwa. There are fast and slow locals here for suburban service. All services plying beyond Kalyan run slow. It is expected to be operational in Harbour Line Main article: All harbour line services operate as slow services.

Mumbai suburban railway

The harbour line shares a common station at Kurla with the main line, where it turns east towards Navi Mumbai. The Harbour line further bifurcates at Vashi into two lines — one rejoins the main lines at Thane, while the other continues to Panvel. The shed of these trains is in Sanpada.

A large section of the harbour line is elevated. Trans-Harbour Line Main Article: It runs from Thane to Vashi and Nerul. The line caters to the chemical industrial belt in Navi Mumbai that goes up to Thane. The line was started in to run goods trains between Turbhe and Kalwa.

It was upgraded in to transport commuters till Thane. Services from Panvel to Thane and Nerul to Thane were started in There are currently services operating on the trans-harbour line. Future Expansion Edit Navi Mumbai is expected to get approximately km of railway tracks in the near future.

The work is expected to be completed by March To alleviate the problems of overcrowding, the 9 coach trains are being phased out and replaced with 12 coaches. However, these are few in number.The suburban rail system of Chennai and Mumbai have both dedicated tracks and tracks shared with long distance trains The first suburban rail system in India is Mumbai Suburban Railway which started operations in Santacruz or Santa Cruz is a section of the municipality of Santacruz railway station on the Mumbai Suburban Railway, the Domestic Terminal (T1) of the Mumbai Airport and one campus of the University of Mumbai are all located in Santacruz (east)..

Santacruz and its neighbouring suburb Khar fall under the H East and H West wards of the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

Today, the Mumbai Suburban Railway is divided into two major zones; the Western Railways and the Central Railways. It is easy to understand that the Western Railway focuses on the western line of the city, while the Central Railway operates the central line, harbour line and the trans-harbour line.

Oct 15,  · Local trains are the lifeline of Mumbai, you know it, I know it, we all know it. Mumbai runs on local trains.. The Mumbai Suburban Railway has some of the most severe overcrowding in the world.

7 hours ago · Mumbai | Suburban Rail Railways and Transportation. For those who think MSR is a burden for a Country.. Giving one example of Agartala Railway Station where hardly 10k commuters travels daily, when Mamta Banarjee was a railway minister, she built Agartala Railway station, look at the station which is like a Raj Mahal and wasted railway's crores of rupees.

this is how railways are . rows · This is a List of stations of the Mumbai Suburban Railway, a suburban rail system serving .

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