The human resources of a business essay

These pressures from the people may caused the police organization to do good and make sure that the people they serve are properly protected from all kinds of crimes that may cause problems to rule and HR.

The human resources of a business essay

According to Petersen and Waterman In Search of ExcellencePfeffer Competitive Advantage through PeopleCollins and Porras Built to Last and as well as the popular byline of many firms, the greatness within companies stems from people.

Given the overwhelming importance and the basic operational functionality of entry-level staff positions, these types of positions merit special consideration in terms of how they are managed to contribute to the overall objectives of the firm, in particular, how these positions are recruited and retained are the key to UPS achieving its goal of operational excellence.

Though this is an unskilled, non-exempt position that is generally part-time in nature, it is truly the business end of this well-regarded global company. What can Brown do for you? It was at this time that the familiar Pullman brown was adopted as the color of all fleet vehicles.

Interestingly enough, as early asCasey felt that unionization was inevitable and invited the Teamsters into UPS. This early effort helped to create a cooperative spirit that helped ease tensions and build profits for both labor and management at UPS Pfeffer, This spirit helped avoid a nationwide labor stoppage until the Teamsters strike ofan event that has been blamed more on certain personalities rather than actual poor labor relations Birger, Following the advent of World War II, UPS faced reduced delivery demands from retail establishments and began to expand its role to compete with the Postal Service for the growing consumer market of small package service.

As a consequence of company growth and rising demand, UPS received FAA authorization to become its own airline in This created a vertically integrated company that continued to push for optimization in both operational efficiency and customer service.

This continuously updated, cutting-edge technology along with UPS People provides the company with its competitive advantage. As speeches can often present what readers want to hear, it is important to note that the promote-from-within policy holds very true for UPSthe average UPS manager has been with the company for 16 years and has held 7 to 8 different jobs.

Several top company executives even started as loaders or drivers and literally worked their way up. The UPS culture drives the hiring and selection process to the extent that an entry-level employee has the potential to advance in one of the largest and most respected companies in the world.

Good hiring and selection processes are characterized by the same idea. In a somewhat circular but applicable argument, one of keys to measuring and managing success in selection is to gauge and manage turnover and retention.

Subsequently, the key to managing these starts with good selection. To begin with, a suitable applicant pool must be accessed. Each of these companies are competing for the best of a segment of the workforce that is often characterized by being young, not fully educated or with education-in-process, physically healthy, and willing and able to work the less than full-time hours.

A common hiring strategy for this sort of potential employees is both word-of-mouth and advertisements such as flyers notices in the college newspapers. In addition, UPS has applied additional innovative strategies in partnering with Welfare-to-Work recipients in key hub or headquarters cities.

In this win-win arrangement between an employer and the employee, each respective company has an applicant pool provided by the government. Superficially, one might think that this applicant pool is less desirable than the typical college student yet an important consideration is that these would-be workers have the extra incentive of a soon-to-be-terminated current government-provided income.

In addition, the powerful lure of secure employment with real career potential and health insurance benefits assists in motivating this workforce.

The government is also a winner in that it has successfully co-engineered a Welfare-to-Work success story and now is well on the way to having productive, tax-paying citizens as opposed to cost units.

This Louisville-based school provides free tuition in several degree programs to employees at the site of this major UPS hub. By doing this, UPS gains access to a broader spectrum of its more typical applicant pool and provides a substantial benefit to employees.

In addition, the state of Kentucky is ecstatic to be the first example of a strategic partnership in which they are able to raise the educational bar of its citizens as well as attract and retain key industries and businesses to have major operations in the state Barry, Managing the Masses and Keeping them Employed Effectively As a consequence of seeing the extreme value in the selection and retention of the individual who will likely be a good performer, UPS has recently taken extra measures to manage this process.

The HR Specialist also pays rigorous attention to both performance data and turnover statistics. Pillars of this program are that potential employees are given more information about what the job entails and are given extra opportunities to self-select out prior to hire.

The human resources of a business essay

How you ship might also be a good place to work In discussing the extent to which UPS has a high performance human resource management systems in place, this index serves as a good vantage point by clearly showing at least some of the key features that renders UPS a superior company from the perspective of human resource management.

One such feature that distinguishes UPS from other firms is that there it is a very clear point of pride the strong belief in a promote-from-within policy in which it is very rare to hire in outsiders to fill any role above entry-level. In conclusion, hiring and selection are two key drivers of many of the determinants of high performance human resource systems as described by Pfeffer.

For example, a good selection process results in employees that have a better person-organization fit. Logic dictates that employees who enjoy a better fit, have lower turnover and, as consequence of this, these employees are more likely to be better performers and to be rewarded for their contributions.Human Resources at UPS Sourcing Humans: Selection & Retention Practices at UPS Company that Moves Small Packages in a Big Ways.

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Human Resource Management can be defined as a function which deals with recruitment, training and improvement, motivation and employee health and safety (York, ). The Process Of Human Resource Development Business Essay. Print Reference this.

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