Writing a novel class

Everyone says that they want to write a novel, but only a tiny fraction of folks have the drive, talent and discipline to accomplish it. The goal of the novel writing class is to introduce these techniques and get you started on your novel in the process. The great adventure is about to begin! In addition to focusing on these techniques, we will discuss larger, structural issues, how to put all of these elements together into a dramatic and compelling chapter.

Writing a novel class

Writers who are used to writing nonfiction or short stories, or those who have never written before, will be staggered by the amount of work involved in writing a novel. They will also discover the traps built into trying to write a novel without a scheme or plan. We all can keep a short story in our heads.

We can even block out a few days or a week to rewrite short fiction. Starting a novel without a writing plan, a story and a series of goals can turn the process into one that seems to be not only endless but confusing.

A good process will turn out the best novel with the least amount of extra work. That process is the heart of this course, which offers advice on what to write as well as the how to write.

This is not a critiquing course or workshop. You will not be posting or uploading portions or scenes from your manuscript for review by the instructor or classmates.

writing a novel class

It consists of writing a novel class lecture material and student in-class exercises designed to help the new novelist complete a first draft. These generate a considerable writing a novel class of cross talk and discussion within the class.

Students will be asked to complete homework assignments critical to the design and focus of their novels. These exercises will help with the understanding and refinement of the basic story and will avoid unnecessary work and wasted effort.

By the end of the course, students should have the story line for their novels and plans for writing and finishing their manuscripts. The course content is designed to meet the needs of the students in the class and has no formal outline. I wanted to start up again, but wasn't sure how to get back in the groove.

His class was exactly what I needed. He helped me to not only start writing again, but to relearn how to enjoy writing again. I owe you one! The class content is structured in a manner that gets you writing, gives you direction and focus. Dennis makes himself very available to his students, he is quick to respond and has great ideas.

Dennis is very professional, thoughtful and creative. I feel priviledged to have been able to study with him. I would not hesitate to take another class with Dennis, as a matter of fact, if he starts teaching any other classes, sign me up!

I want to be the first in line Dennis has the ability to cut to the chase and explain things in a very direct and concise manner. He also knows how to critique work in a constructive manner. This class has helped me immeasureably, I have set goals, I have focus, I have direction and I think I know what I'm doing!

Thanks a bunch to Writers on the Net and Dennis Foley for helping me to advance toward my dreams and goals! Sherry Pence I was very happy with the course -- I consider it to be one of the best moves I've ever made for myself.

I have been very appreciative of Dennis' quick and perceptive responses to my questions and concerns. As I am not a "warm and fuzzy" instructor myself, I appreciated his style, and the flashes of humor that popped up from time to time.

His refusal to bow to our "I'd really rather do it my way" whining early in the course forced me into trying things that were very uncomfortable for me at first. And his "permission to write absolute crap" message is posted in front of my face as I work on my novel Dennis has had a serious impact on me as a writer, and I don't believe I'll ever forget him for that.

The bottom line is, I'm a better writer now, and I'm producing a better novel, than I would have without the class. What more could I have asked for? Your input has gotten me off my butt and into my story For a while I felt like I was stalling on the writing part - probably was - but I'd had my opening scene in my mind for a number of years, and when I finally faced the blank page, your instructions enabled me to sail blithely into Chapter I would certainly recommend your classes to anyone and everyone!

I don't know how else or better he could have done it. Trish Carter I was delighted with the lessons, all gems, and the assignments of which there were not many.

Dennis Foley was a great teacher, focusing on one thing and one thing above all else, to encourage his pupils to finish a novel in good shape. Andres Kabel Dennis' approach to teaching the subject was awesome.

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